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About DGI

DGIhost offer a range of competitively priced servcies that will cater for your every need.

So what exactly do we do?
Well we offer cloud storage that allows you to sync your files to any device.
We offer hosted email on our exchange servers so you can sync and share emails and calendars to your email groups.
Next up we have our online sales which allow you to buy a computer from us. What makes us different in this area is that we pre configure every computer before it is delivered to you so when you open the box, you are set up ready to go. We know a lot of retailers give you trial software, but our computers and laptops are delivered with full software installed with no trials.
Finally we offer a full network installation and server set up service with maintenace contracts, so we can take away the stresses of making sure your systems are up to date every month.

Our Products / why choose us

  • Buy Computers

    Buy a Server, Desktop PC, Tablet or Laptop fully set up and ready to go.

  • Web site Hosting

    If you need website space we have the servers to meet your requirements.

  • Cloud Storage

    Backup your files and sync to any device.

  • Email Hosting

    25gb mailboxes, shared calendars, sync to any device.